Friday, January 28, 2011

So, here I am, watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, getting ready to workout a bit and then pampering for a glorious night out. There's nothing quite like watching Audrey Heburn and George Peppard fall in love in the glamorous early 60's to help you get ready for a glorious evening. Tonight I'm going to a concert! Now, it's not the first thing one might think of when a college student says they're going to a concert, normally they'd be going to a rock concert or something equally as hip. The concert I'm going to is called "Bach in B Minor" and with each passing hour I get more and more excited to see this unique show :) Then I'm going to a party welcoming my friends and I back to school it'll be a ball. Anyway, I must finish getting ready now! Laters!

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 To-Do List

So, since everyone on the internet is doing it...Just kidding! I just think that this thing that's going around the internet is a mighty fine idea and perhaps a good way to actually keep some of my new year's resolutions this year, like I have tried and failed to do in previous years. So, here goes, my list of things I will try to do this year:
-Graduate with Honors in May
-Become a "yes man" with some stipulations
1: The activity doesn't interfere with my moral compass
2: The activity doesn't conflict too much with my goal to graduate with honors
3: THe activity doesn't risk my life or well-being too much
-Become more healthy. I wan't to eat better, drink more water, exercise at least five times per week, get my weight to the best level according to the weight/height/age chart in doctor's offices, and raise my ability to run in the high altitude of flagstaff without getting out of breath too quickly
-Meet someone I admire, be it a celebrity, an author, or a youtuber, and if it's a youtuber, become actual friends with them!
-Read as many books in 2011 as I did in 2010, which will be super hard because I devoured books last year
-Get a good internship!!
-Meet someone. Someone special, who's not gay or taken, with whom I have the possibility of falling in love
-Be much more active on the interwebz and do a blog or a vlog at least once a fortnight
-Become closer friends with the people who are far away(you know who you are! and I love you!)
-Get back into Ballroom Dancing, and go dancing at least once a week
-Give up my vices ie; biscoff cookies, soda(except special occasions), magazines, and I think that's it...
So, since I posted it on here, and it's in this handy list form, maybe it will actually help me to keep them under control :) Any resolutions that you have? Share, share!

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