Thursday, September 29, 2011

(B)risk (A wednesday poem on thursday)

Autumn falls, cool and crisp change
Leaves turning green to brown, to red
Morning air breaks upon your face
Like water flowing over rocks

The sky swirls around you
Patterns in the air, unseen
Except by the leaves who travel
Dancing through the change

New times, and yet ancient and aging
Each brisk day new, yet timeless
Urging you forward in life, to new days
And new times, and old loves

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Poem Wednesday Fail ('s sunday...)

Sorry I didn't post this earlier! Also, I tried to make this poem a bit more sexy than normal, to counter act the mostly sad poems that have been on here before.

Hands on your skin
Soft sighs whispering of untold futures
Lightest of touches, subtle wanting
Fingertips brushing fingertips, then entwining

Lips lingering, kisses and kisses
Growing heady with want, with need
Breath mingling together, warm and sweet
Closing the distance between hearts and bodies

Intoxicating touches, loving and lusting
Heartfelt, and honest, and together
Desire, escaping through every pore
Need bringing souls and skins as one

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Language of Love

Recently, a friend introduced me to Gary Chapman's book "The 5 Love Languages", or rather, she introduced me to his 5 love languages concept. He says there are five ways that everybody expresses their love or likes to have love expresses. First, there is 'words of affirmation', which is the need to hear how much you're wanted, valued, and loved, everyday. The second is 'quality time', time with the object of your affection or friendship, just one on one with no outside distractions. Thirdly is 'receiving gifts' which doesn't mean a love of things, but rather a love of the thoughtfulness the tings represent. The fourth language is 'acts of service',. which involves having little things done for you by your partner to help ease your burden. The final language is 'physical touch', which is not necessarily a sexual or romantic thing. Hugs, touching arms, holding hands, pats on the back, all are expressions of physical touch. My friend and I were talking about this concept and how it might affect relationships, romantic or not. It's good to figure out which language you and your object of affection are most fluent in. For example, if you're a 'quality time' person, then a postponed date will both you more than most. If he or she is a 'receiving gits person, than neglecting everyday gestures or gifts could be disastrous! I never realized how important these little things can be until i heard about them and then thought about my past relationships. My top two languages are 'physical touch' and 'quality time' and that makes SO much sense to me! Take the quiz (here!) and tell me what yours are in the comments!

Emma's Interview

These are my answers to an interview that Emma Watson completed:

Residence: Phoenix

Favorite fashion designers: Valentino, Chanel, Chloé, Vera Wang, Calvin Klein Collection, Elizabeth and Jane by Olsen Twins, Burberry, and People Tree.

Item of clothing you would never throw out: my oxford tee shirt, it reminds me of England

How would you define your personal style? Jean Cocteau said, “Style is a very simple way of saying complicated things.” I agree

What’s your own fashion trademark? I like to imagine that, when I get it right, I'm whimsical

Favorite accessory: My silver bracelet, I've had it since middle school

Favorite color: Orange or green, understated.

Favorite scent: Blue by, oh I can't remember the brand. It smells nice though!

Let’s talk about your beauty routine. What’s your face wash? CVS brand grapefruit

Makeup? bare minerals, covergirl mascara, chapstick, generic everything else

Where do you get your hair done? My hairstylist's name is Jen

Favorite architect: Antoni Gaudí, Frank Lloyd Wright

Favorite destination: Scotland, but I want to travel everywhere

Favorite discovery: Cornish Pasties in liverpool street station

Favorite hotel: I'm honestly not sure!

Favorite luggage: My little yellow 50's suitcase

Most memorable party: My 21st birthday in Flagstaff

When you can’t think of something to give a friend, what do you give? You can’t beat a great-smelling candle or a gift card to somewhere they love

Every lady has a vice. What’s yours? Ginger cookies and milk

Necessary extravagance: I buy a ridiculous amount of magazines

Favorite movies: the 5th Element, Lord of the Rings, Amelie, Dogma, and each for completely different reasons.

Favorite artist: Rembrandt, Manet, Michelangelo

Favorite cocktail: vodka and apple juice

Handwritten thank-you note or immediate e-mail? Handwritten note.

If you have personalized stationery, where do you get it from? I used to get mine at Borders, but that closed so now I just shop at Target for cute thank you notes.

The true hallmark of modern elegance is: Being confident and understated in you attitude and appearance, I think, while still having a little goofy whimsy in you!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poem Wednesday

New seasons start bringing new hope and light
Challenges and newness can be frightening
Never knowing what to expect, what's lurking
Around the corner, who knows what's awaiting?
Something beautiful could be there
Something fun, something startling

Taking the leap into the unknown is scary
Your heart is on the line, glowing in the dark
A beacon, but for what?
Nervous glances, wondering in the dark
The dark of uncertainty and newness
But everything, even the dark, can be beautiful

So in the new season, stars pinprick in the sky
Hearts, ready for love, and hope, and joy
Wind rushes through your hair
Bringing a breeze of new life to you
Ready to jump?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I Want

I know there's been a lot of subtle love posts on here (and on my tumblr, lately, but that's just how I've been feeling and what I've been focusing on, much to my dismay. So, to keep with the theme of the month, here's another one!

What I want in a man:
He needs to be:
super open
romantic, at least sometimes
able to sing
christian or at least spiritual
close with his family
a gentleman

He needs to:
ask me to be his girlfriend
introduce me to his friends
love animals
want to talk to me often
take goofy pictures with me
send me texts in the morning and night, just bc he can
surprise me with little thoughtful somethings
have real, deep, important conversations with me
have goofy, nonsensical conversations with me
dance with me for no reason
love me, eventually
trust me and confide in me
keep me in the loop

So there you go! That's what I want in a man, what do you want in a man or woman? Write your own blog and then reply to this with the link :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stealing "Poetry Wednesday"

I'm feeling rather sad today. Sometimes its hard to move on or not feel sad. So I'm stealing Allison's idea and making Wednesdays "Poem Wednesday"s.

It takes strength and stamina to break down a wall
The breaks in the walls let beings in.
They let in clouds of laughter.
Rays of trust and seeds of happiness sneak quietly in
Love flourishes in the cracks in the wall.

But they can be dangerous, suddenly violent.
Mistrust slips in, unnoticed, yet provoked.
Sensitivity creeps like ivy vines, in every crevice.
Hurt comes barreling in, flying through the wall.
It crumbles into dust.

The wall can be beautiful,
full of barriers, yet also loose stones
But if it's torn down, what is left?
Only tears, loneliness, and pain mixed with the rubble.