Monday, November 2, 2009

Friendships versus the world

So, it's the month of NaNoWriMo and in honor of that, my subconscious and my schedule have decided to corroborate and make me write as much as possible. With essays, group projects, my novel, and these blogs that I feel the urge to write, I don't know when I'm gonna have time to watch Glee! Mixed in with all this writing I'm doing is the purpose of this blog. I'm trying to have a better social life and not be such a hermit. I'm trying to hang out with my friends more, take more initiative when hanging out to be there for them, and do more fun and exciting things like swing dancing and rock climbing. I've decided that instead of focusing on myself or finding some sort of love interest, I'm going to focus on developing the friendships I have and trying to make new ones. These will be the people who I stay with, who I tell my secrets to, who I learn from and lean on and visa versa. At least I hope so. This is a current life decision and I intend to stick with it for a while. On a lighter not, expect some modern, sexy, fairy tale photos soon. I'm taking them for my photography portfolio and I'm well excited. YAY!


Lauren Williams said...

I know I've feel closer to you lately, so good work!! LOL. PS. We MUST find a day to watch 10th Kingdom. I'm dying. I started acting like Wolf for like a whole ten minutes today. Weirdness.

Josh said...

Hey. I didn't realize how swamped you are. Sorry to be an attention grabber. But Thanks for trying to hang onto our friendship. I haven't felt this good about friendship since I was actually IN college.