Monday, July 18, 2011

A Poem, Just For You

This is a poem I wrote based on a Pablo Neruda poem. Here's hoping you enjoy! *clinks glass*

Self Portrait
For my part, I believe myself to be luscious of lip and long of lash; of hair straight as an arrow; long-bodied; of narrow feet; with skin imperfections; generous with forgiveness; with a focus phobia; too tender of heart; a ridiculous lover of art, musicals, and canine kisses; a bohemian at heart; Scottish to the bone; a tiptoe-r through green grass; a follower of rules; liberator of time; a hard-core loyalist to family; wary of my rivals; a smeller of spicy scents; an entrepreneur of fairy tales and fantastical worlds; a paperback world traveler; tearfully happy under willow trees; a dancer on hardwood and in rain; curious in corner shops; alive in crisp air woodlands; able to survive minus cell phones; a devourer of books; shy on stages; “born in a barn” indoors; clumsy in silence, brilliant set to music; happily messy; mediator during fights; excited in the cinema; perpetually late; all for good causes; a singer by birth and a giddy wallflower.


Buffie said...

I like it! Very Cute and Very Accurate (mostly) I will always remember when Suzanne named you lucious lips about 21 years ago. She loved you so right from the time she saw you. I'm not sure you should say you are perpetually late - frequently unsuccessfully punctual and do without your cell phone - I don't think so especially since you got your droid.

Madeline said...

I could live without a cell phone 4 years ago when I wrote this, now I don't think I can, I look forward to text messages too much ;)