Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So, now what then?

Hi! I'm totally feeling so much better!! I got accepted into the Study Abroad Program and in January I will be off to the south of England! Yay, I'm super thrilled.
I am working really hard to get all of my applications and stuff in and tomorrow I must get a blood test and all kinds of horrid stuff. ew. I am also super busy with projects and stuff to finish for classes, but yeah. So, now I'm trying to expand my UK vocabulary, so leave comments with wicked British words (I know some already) and their definitions. I cannot gush enough! I'm so thrilled. I have Kat and possibly Allison and Abby visiting me there, and I get to visit people while I'm there too! The Caddows, Jim and Anka, Rene and Jon, Aqil, and Lauren here I come! Also, I plan to visit Venice, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Scotland, Wales, London, maybe France, and Roma. Oh gosh, you have absolutely NO idea how thrilled I am right now. If any of you think of another place or places I should visit while I'm across the pond, leave a comment of where and why! Dude, I'm so excited right now, if I was actually talking I would be rambling incoherantly about all the stuff I'm gonna do :D Bye for now!


Katie said...

Ahh I'm so jealous!!
The fact that no one is calling me back when I apply for jobs isn't helping my goal to be able to come visit you.
Oh - did you say you're gong to be there until July? If so, sometime between May-July might be better than Spring break, because I could stay longer! :) And it would give me more time to save up!

Anonymous said...

wow Maddie that's awesome!!! Congratulations!!!! I wish I had some cool words for you but I'm kinda lame lol. Justin might have some really good ones for you. Are you going to New Zealand? I can't remember if you said that or not. Your parents must be really proud of you. You must be very proud of yourself. Again, wow. and Congrats once more because something this great deserves more than one. :)

Madeline said...

Katie, I am going to be there until July, but I'm living in my friends apartment in July, and also traveling abroad so that my visa doesn't expire, which would be lame. Danika, what's your url?? and thanks for the words!

Lauren Williams said...

AH-HA! I've been trying to find your blog. Yay for checking my stories. Thanks for liking it. =P

I'm SO following you now. *stalking* lol

PS. Your Goodreads profile has your blogger address wrong.

Lauren Williams said...

Okay, now that I have actually READ you post :/ I will comment on it.

On the topic of British words, there are very few off the top of my head I can relate to you. Usually, they use all the same words, but place the emphasis on a different place in the word. I remember a time I had a whole discussion on the correctness of "Arry Paw-er" and "Pan-Ten Pro-V." The cicada bug is the "sikada," and don't get me started on aluminum vs aluminium. In fact, I had a long argument about the FACT that BOTH are CORRECT as BOTH version of the word came to be at the SAME TIME. There are little moments when you will laugh and tease and when they will laugh and tease, but they are so frequent as to be infrequently impressionable on the memory.
Just don't use 'pants' or 'fanny' as you would normally unless you prefer awkward embarrassment.

Hope that helps!
See you soon!