Monday, December 1, 2008

Catch Up

Okay, so I haven't posted anything in a while, I was being a bad blogger. I've had a lot of things happen recently and it's been quite thrilling! 1st, "my" fashion show was a huge success. We sold lots of items at our silent auction and the models were great! The only model messup we had was committed by a 6 year old, so she made it cute :) We had lots of different kinds of fashions from pjs to outdoor wear to date wear, professional wear, casual wear and student designs. I didn't get to design one this time because I didn't have the time, money, or a sewing machine, but next fashion show, I'm so there. Anyway, awesome success and I was super thrilled.
2nd, turkey day/weekend was fun. I went to PHX and had dinner with 13 other people (the three families that have been getting together for holidays for the past 9 years). It was nice, I had stuffing, harvest/pumpkin pie, and crescent rolls, all my favourite things! It was lovely. Then I just chilled with my parents for the rest of the weekend watching movies like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (awesome) and Finnian's Rainbow (pure joy and simply fantastic). Also did some christmas/black friday shopping. That was scary and thouroughly unenjoyable. Never again...until I have lots and lots of xmas gifts to buy.
3rd, Sunday was quite an exciting day. I now, officially, have my ticket to adventure (AKA London). I leave on Jan. 6th at 9 at night and arrive at Uni on the 7th in the afternoon! I'm so excited!! I'm going to Venice for the masquerade festival, Ireland for St Patty's day, Scotland, Rome(hopefully), Poland, Germany, Switzerland (hopefully) and France, not to mention all around England and Wales :) Oh, I'm so thrilled!
Upcoming, I have a show on tuesday, thursday, friday, sat, and sunday. It's a choir concert and it will be amazing!! Also, I am pretty much moving out of my dorm this weekend, except for the bare essentials, so that will be fun...yeah. Ok, done with random rambling, be back soon! Love You SLLS


Lauren Williams said...

I'd love to do a fashion show. Sound thrillingly terrifying.

Yes, VENICE! We should really make plans for that. Get tickets and all. :)

Katie said...

Wow, so I honestly hadn't even noticed that you just updated when I updated. Great minds think alike!

I'm still wayyyy jealous that you're leaving for England!
Tickets are so expensive, but I'm working on it! *cross your fingers!*

Love love. can't wait to see you and everyone else over Christmas break!