Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bathering at Bath

I went to Bath this weekend. It was lovely. Wouldn't it be mean if I ended it there? No, I don't think I'll do that. Anywhoo, I had the most amazing time! Lauren and I got up at 445am and started our travel journey at 545am. Had fun on the trains and buses and underground. Made a quick stop off at Kings Cross to be geeky Harry Potter fangirls.

Got to Bath around 11. We decided to just wander and ended up going to the fashion museum (relatively neat, but slightly overpriced...), walking past the jane austen museum(woulda gone in, but had spent too much mula already), eating fish and chips while people watching, and just generally exploring the lovely town that is Bath. At 13ish we walked to the train station for the Bathering(youtube gathering in Bath). We met some awesome people(hi awesome people who might be reading this!!) and got to hang out with them all day. We ate at Pizza Hut, walked around, got crammed into a sweet shop, snuck onto a small outdoor stage, had a private concert of a random choice of songs on ukulele played by Tom(who I happen to be listening to at the moment), and went to a bar/hotel/restaurant where some of us didn't even order anything. I met some great people and hope to see them again soon! Pic time:


Bath Another Lovely(and me) --->


Jenika said...

Ah I'm so jealous! I wish I could have gone through Platform 9 3/4! Oh, and psh. Another lovely and me? What modesty! Don't be silly!

Madeline said...

thx jen! ;)

Katie said...

Haha your HP picture made me laugh..


Madeline said...

It is! turns out that they're real people, who woulda thunk it?