Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gone Clubbin', Be Back Later

So, I went clubbing in an actual club for the first time last night. I'd gone to the ones on campus of course, but never the one in towne. It is called Liquid, and its super hip. I realize that I just brought down it's hip-ness by calling it 'super hip', but oh well, it has 'hip' to spare. I had a really good time! It was Sam(my flatmate)'s 19th birthday yesterday and the school was having a bash in town(not for Sam, just coincidental) and we all had a party in the flat with cake, then went to the club. The club itself has 2 levels, one techno and one r&b. I stayed in the techno one all night because I prefer that type of musica. The club had awesome lighting, and a wicked double dance floor. Here's a picture, enjoy!
Me and Piradipa

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