Friday, May 15, 2009

The Socialistic Week of Busy

So, I absolutely can't be bothered to write out the rest of what happened on our epic road trip, being that it was so long ago and I'm a horribly neglectful blogger. Suffice to say, it was tension filled, confusing, amazing and wonderful. After that, I madly wrote essays for a while and then took a break to visit London with Laura and DenniMarie, old family friends who came to town. They let me sleep in their fancy hotel, I had my picture taken with a Frenchman dressed as a Scot, rode on the London Eye, met(sorta) the lead singer of Duran Duran, and saw the place where Henry VIII had Anne Bolyen beheaded! Exciting stuff for sure! So, this last week has been chock full of exciting thrilling things! Last Saturday Lauren and I went into town to get her some shoes for the Summer Ball and then we saw Hannah Montana the Movie (which was surprisingly sweet and classic Disney).
On Sunday a few friends and I proceeded to epically fail at tennis for several hours (except Chris, he was good at it of course)
On Monday I went into London and saw a concert with Lauren where the preview acts were alright, if a bit repetitive, and the main act, whose name happens to be Andrew Bird, was really good. He had a small recording studio on stage and for a lot of his songs he accompanied himself with backing vocals, whistles, violin picking, actual violin playing, and guitar! He also had a drummer, a bassist(who also played the bass sax) and another guitar player. He had a lovely voice and was quite talented and all in all worth the 12 pound train ticket.
On Tuesday I did something exciting, but I don't remember what it was...
On Wednesday we all went to Mexican night at a local restaurant and then went to Star Trek and I was blown away by the special effects. Blown Away. You should go see it. Right now. Seriously, why are you still reading this?
If you are still reading this, you're a true friend. On thursday I cleaned my room, and that may not sound exciting, but it is :) Then a friend came over and we watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. After that a few friends and I went to a very loud and good jazz performance, followed by an even louder alternative dance party, followed by chilling at one of their houses and watching cheesy movies until 4am. After that we all walked home in the drizzling rain while the sky was getting lighter and the day was getting foggier. It was one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a while. Truly awe-inspiring.
Now I'm off to a Star Wars marathon!



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Lauren Williams said...

Tuesday we ate at Nandos and attempted costume shopping.