Friday, June 12, 2009

Planning Makes My Head Hurt

It really does, I've had a constant headache for the past two days straight, and on and off for a few days before that. I've been planning like mad, but the headache has finally mostly gone away. I think that it is due to the fact that I booked my flight and hostel for scotland, my hostel for roma, my flight for poland, my places to stay in London and Surrey and will find out about my place to store luggage and stay for a few days in Berkshire tomorrow at around 1. I'm so excited! All that's left to do is find out about luggage storage and book my flight to Roma! YAY!! I'm so very thrilled. My absence of headache might also be due to the two parasetomal I took earlier...whichever cause floats your boat :)
Travel itinerary update:
Scotland with Tina
Poland with Jim
York with David
Italy with Tina
Surrey, Stonehenge, Kent, Brighton, and Colchester with Rossen
London with Katie and Krista
THEN HOME! I must admit though, I'm really rather sad about coming home, except that I'll get to see my family and friends again! I will miss it so very much here, I am considering moving here later in life. I think that will be good.

On a side note: why is bloody everyone getting married?! Chelsey, Chandra, Jimmy, Rachel, Dan, Julie, Andrew, Aundrea, Lauren (they're all engaged) and Amanda, Ashleigh, Devin, Katie (they're all married). It's craziness! How can you even fathom that at our age!? (They are all my age or younger, apart from Ashleigh, who is one year older than me)

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