Saturday, July 11, 2009

hopeless houseguest

So, I'm am officially a houseguest for more than 2 nights. I know I was technically a houseguest when I stayed in Poland, but I knew both the people that I was staying with well enough to feel comfortable with them. Here in Surrey, I only know one of the three people I'm staying with. Another thing that I'm not used to is not helping in any way that I can, Rossen simply forbids it because "I'm the guest". Oh this is frustrating and I really wish I could help or make them and/or myself more comfortable. I'm just not used to this! The only time I've ever stayed at someone's house I was almost equal friends with the family as with the friend I was staying with, and it was only for one or two nights, not two weeks! This is just the newest situation for me, and its a bit uncomfortable for certain reasons and it's confusing. Ah well, I'm having a nice time of it as it goes. Rossen's parents are lovely and his mom reminds me of an old russian movie star when she smokes a cigarette very elegantly and then mutters in Bulgarian, its the only image I have in my head :D
I will make a picture post later with some photos from Surrey, but sadly I don't feel inspired enough to write about Roma or York, other than David's family is lovely, I saw Obama, and I saw the most beautiful church in the world, no offence to people who don't attend services at Santa Maria Della Vittoria. byebyebyebyebye!!

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Jenika said...

Ahhh! You saw Obama?!?? Why the heck was I not there then?