Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Tonight is my last night in the UK. I don't quite know how to feel about this. On the one hand, I'm quite sad to be leaving this beautiful country, it's mild temperment, it's liberal attitude, the friends I've made here etc. On the other hand, I'm so thrilled to see my family and friends again, start planning for my 3rd year in college, making a scrapbook of my adventures, and, despite myself and all my whinging, I'm actually excited about seeing my hometown again with its surprisingly beautiful cacti, and desert rocks as well as its gorgeous sunsets. I will be quite sad to leave the friends I have made here though, as I've already said. Once I leave (once I left Essex Uni actually) it will never be the same ever again. I will never have those special people all together again. We will never have a time like we had these past two terms at Essex. It was the first of many things for me, and I will miss it immensly, but change is inevitable and it can be good, I suppose. As I have been thinking about this quite a lot recently, I brought it up while talking with a friend. He came up with the brilliant, honest, heartbreaking reality that, while I will never have a time like this ever again, I will always have the memories of my time here and I will have other memories to make with the people I met here at different times. It is true and sometimes when I think about it I smile, and then other times I want to cry. It's different then when I left home. When I left home in January I knew that I would be coming back on July 23rd. For certain. This is not so certain and the Uni experience is already gone forever. It's a bit too blinding a reality than I care to accept. As my computer will be packed up tomorrow morning, I will quickly list things that I have enjoyed and memories that will stay in my mind forever:
Paris with Lauren
Spain meandering with Jenika
Spanish Spin the Bottle
Waffles and Peep Show with the Fencers
All my many birthday celebrations with Rossen
Italia and Scotland with Tinerz
York with David
Flirt, SportsFed, and Potato Wars
Exploring England with Rossen
That time
Jenika and I hanging out
Flat 3 and Flat 8 SouthSide

I will miss the experience and the people for sure.
I love you all.

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