Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Austin, TX, apparently the capital of awesome artsy stuff

So, I have some plans for the summer, if I can find an online or freelance job to earn some mulah. I have three ideas so far:
Idea Number 1
Intern in the Public Relations department at the Phoenix Art Museum. It would be cool because I'm a bit of an art history nerd (and by a bit I mean obsessed...) and a bit of a fashion nerd (same definition, and they have a fashion exhibit). Also, I might get to help organize public galas etc...which would be really fun and good experience. Plus side: Live at home for free. Downside: It's in Phoenix and doesn't really aid my need for travel.

Idea Number 2
Intern in the Public Relations/Marketing Department at Walden Media Studios in L.A. It would be cool because its what I really want to do, at this point in my life, you know, work in the book/music/movie/fashion industry, as opposed to doing PR for a law firm or something equally as boring. Also, I'd get to deal with different kinds of crises and meet famous people and become their friendly aquaintences, or even their friends! Plus side: It's in L.A. and its a publishing company(!). Downside: It's in L.A., kind of a sketchy town, and I don't currently have the money to live there for a summer.

Idea Number 3
Intern in Austin, TX, possibly at a boutique I found while browsing the interwebs. It would be cool because it deals with fashion, which is something I'm looking for. Also, I am hoping to convince a family friend that lives there that if I pay rent or buy my own food, she would let me stay at her house. I haven't breached that topic yet, but I will soon (maybe she'll read this!). Also, it's in Austin, the capital of cool and bohemian awesomeness, with a really good music scene. Plus side: It's in Austin and aids my need for travel, as I've never been there. Downside: I don't know if I can convince my friend to let me stay at her house...
As you could probably tell by the title of this blog, this option is my current favourite.

Which option is your favourite/Which option do you thing I should go for?

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Katie said...

Ooh! Well all of those sound interesting! I like TX or CA! What fun opportunities!