Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Disney Ridiculousness and Tip-Top Days

Today may not be the epitomy of good, perfect days, but it came darn close! The only two things that are a real downer so far are: the fact that I slammed my finger today when I tripped up the stairs...I'm having just a bit of trouble typing because, well, it does kind of hurt, not to be wimpy about it. And my Women's Studies class, as a whole. Pretty much it's a load of rubbish with a few interestingly decent points thrown in here and there. Today she talked about how body image is perpetuated by Disney Princesses which I guess I understand, but then she said, and I quote "what's with all the silly dresses and tiaras?" Well, the dresses focus on the time period and geographical location and they wear tiaras because they're royalty, of course...duh. Also, teh class mentioned that villains are always people of colour. In my vast film viewing, I find this to be false. For example, Disney films with humans, created by Walt originally (who people know was slightly racist): Aladdin- Jafar was the same race as everyone else. Mulan- the Huns really were the enemy of the Chinese. Peter Pan- Hook was white. Snow White- White. Sleeping Beauty- White, well okay, sorta green... Little Mermaid-...purple... Cinderella- White. Beauty and the Beast- white, AND the ideal of a "perfect male physique". Pochahantus- Whites(who really were enemies of the Native Americans at one point. 101 Dalmations- White. And those are just Disney films. Actually, most villains are played by Brits, rather than people of colour. There are villains that are people of colour (Push and Shanghai Noon for example) but it really isn't a stereotype and I wish people wouldn't make such a big deal of it. Every monday and wednesday I leave the class fuming and have to call someone to listen to me rant. It's the only thing that calms me down. If I happen to call you, just nod sympathetically (I can hear that through the phone you know) and make occasional remarks like "really?" "no way!" "I can't believe she said that!". It'll help me a lot. I guess the class does make me think...
But on to the overwhelmingly good part of the day! I got to talk to two people about my time studying abroad, fun! I made plans in the distant future to travel to, a) botswana b)China c)Amazon on a river tour, with a friend. I met someone new and exciting today and am looking forward to having a new, cool friend in her. I got compliments on some photos I took(!!) and overall, I'm have a tip-top day. Tonight, it gets even better with Dancing with the Stars (Sabrina, Swayzee tribute, and Lion King performance), Glee(need anything else be said?) and laundry, yippee! Sorry that this was a bit of a lacklustre blog to come back from my hiatus on, but I'm just too happy to write much :)

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