Monday, August 22, 2011

Shining Eyes

Emotions are tricky things
Years of building up resistance
Because, to survive, it was needed,
Broken, because now trust is needed
Or so you've been told

One shift, one hand inched away
And the wall cracks
Fissures spiderweb, unable to be controlled
The rogue tear escapes
With an argument you can't comprehend

Then fingers find yours, searching for an anchor
Your eyes and body avert, trying to avoid
The question and confusion on its way

Blue eyes shine, brows furrowed
The concern is touching, deep down where it hurts,
Heart-breaking and soul-saving, and here

Your eyes shine too, with stars and rain
Sighs and comfort, you lean in again
Emotions are fickle things.

1 comment:

Laura Michelle said...

I love the imagery...especially fissures spiderweb. That's great :)