Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stealing "Poetry Wednesday"

I'm feeling rather sad today. Sometimes its hard to move on or not feel sad. So I'm stealing Allison's idea and making Wednesdays "Poem Wednesday"s.

It takes strength and stamina to break down a wall
The breaks in the walls let beings in.
They let in clouds of laughter.
Rays of trust and seeds of happiness sneak quietly in
Love flourishes in the cracks in the wall.

But they can be dangerous, suddenly violent.
Mistrust slips in, unnoticed, yet provoked.
Sensitivity creeps like ivy vines, in every crevice.
Hurt comes barreling in, flying through the wall.
It crumbles into dust.

The wall can be beautiful,
full of barriers, yet also loose stones
But if it's torn down, what is left?
Only tears, loneliness, and pain mixed with the rubble.

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