Sunday, October 23, 2011

Harry Potter Character Questions

Harry Potter- Tell about a scar on your body: I have a line on my forehead from a magic trick gone horribly, horribly wrong
Ron Weasley- Something you’re afraid of: Sharks. It's a crippling, irrational fear.
Hermione Granger- A subject you know a lot about: Art History
Draco Malfoy- Closest green item to you: Pen Holder
Severus Snape- Your favourite alcoholic beverage: Vodka with a mixer
Rubeus Hagrid- Your favourite animal: Dog, Fox, Crocodile
Luna Lovegood- Something about you other people find weird: I purposely pronounce some words wrong
Neville Longbottom- Your favourite flower: Wildflowers of all varieties
Nymphadora Tonks- Something you would change about your appearance: My weight
Fred and George Weasley- The last prank you pulled on someone, or someone pulled on you: My friend tried to convince me she had a quickie wedding cause she was preggers
Voldemort- If you were to make a Horcrux, it would be: my stuffed sloth
Moaning Myrtle- The last thing to make you cry: My breakup
Sirius Black- Have you ever taken the blame for something you didn’t do? Yes, often
Dobby- What is your most loved article of clothing? My oxford shirt
Peeves the Poltergeist- What is the best/funniest insult you’ve used/heard? Anything Shakespeare wrote
Sybill Trelawney- When was the last time you experienced Deja Vu? About 2 weeks ago, don't recall why...
Filius Flitwick- What is your favorite spell from the Harry Potter series? Accio or Reparo
Lily Potter- Is there anyone you love so much you would die for? My parents
Arthur Weasley- What piece of “Muggle” technology fascinates you most? Computers
Mundungus Fletcher- Have you ever stolen anything? Nope
Viktor Krum- If you were a Quidditch player, what position would you play? Chaser or Seeker
Fleur Delacour- What physical attribute do you like most about yourself? My lips
Hedwig- What was your all-time favorite pet, or, if you’ve never had one, your all-time favorite birthday gift. I loved both my doggies the same and I miss them
Albus Dumbledore- What is your proudest accomplishment? (Dumbledore’s is, of course, being featured on a Famous Wizards Chocolate Frog Card) Graduating with Honors
Minerva McGonagall- What spell have you always wanted to use? Probably Avis

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