Friday, December 5, 2008


Hey! So, Holiday Dinner at my college is going well (it's this really intense choir show/3 course meal). I got back from it just a bit ago. Also, I know that I have very little followers and I love the ones I have so this is for you. I haven't filmed a vlog in exactly a month because my camera thingy is lame and my sound sucks. When I go back to PHX for holiday, I might bum kat's camera off her. :) She(you) can be in my video. Also, I now have a twitter Check it out. Also, thinking of getting skype...yes or no? This technological accumulation of stuff has taken over my life. I now check Twitter, goodreads, facebook, myspace, naumail, regular mail, youtube and this blog. OH MY GOODNESS. dude, I'm not even that into technology, what is up with my lately?? (Shameless plug, and why is youtube a different colour? Maybe it thinks it's special...) BYEBYEBYEBYEBYE


Katie said...

Have you tried using the webcam I sent up?
I'm excited to see everyoneee :)

I got an application from babystyle in kierland yesterday. I'll definitely look around up there and see what my other choice are, too! :]

Lauren Williams said...

Yes, technology is taking over our lives. I've got Gmail, MyEssex, MyNAU, Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, Youtube, Goodreads, Myspace, Amazon, Skype, and a few other place I can't remember at the moment that I check daily.

Sorry for getting you into Goodreads. Not.