Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jolly Old England

By tomorrow night I'll have been in Britain at the U of Essex for a week! Oh wow, sorry that I haven't written about it yet, my computer has officially died and I am using my new flatmate's. So, for the next *insert number here, a lot* of blogs I will be talking about things that are happening while I am abroad. So, this week has been exciting! I met tons of new people (Aussies, Brits, Mexicans, this random guy from Finland, Canadians who speak english, Canadians who speak french...), had tons of new weather (Fog further than the eye CAN'T see cause it's so thick) and learned lots of new words such as: cheers-everything from cheers to thanks, innit-what do you think?, and o-re-GAH-no, which means oregano :) Everything has been pretty crazy so far, classes are confuzzling, buildings, at least at the U of E, are crazy unorganized, and drinking is apparently a sport! One great thing I've noticed about Britain so far, among all the good things, is that all the Brits are incredibly friendly and hospitable. They are willing to help me cook, or cook for me :) , show me around the campus, lend me there extra laptop when mine has a nervous break down (Thanks Steve!) walk with me to Tesco (a super walmart hopped up on AWESOME drugs) and just be my friend in general. It's awesome. Sometimes I can get a bit homesick, but hey mate, I just remember that I'm in the country that is responsible for fish and chips, then all is good again. Cheers!

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