Monday, January 19, 2009

Come On with the Come Ons!

So, yesterday Jenika (from AZ) and Peradipa (from London) went to this itty bitty fishing town about a 10 minute bus ride from Uni called Wivenhoe. It was amazing! The houses were simply adorable! It seemed like they were fake, like something that movie makers would build to represent England. They couldn't have possibly been real, they were too cute! Anyway, we wondered around for a bit (ok, we were lost, but we found our way eventually) and then went to this pub called the Rose and Crown. We had to wait about 45 minutes for our food, but it was worth it!! Check out the picture!
Anyway, we had fish and chips (delish!), Shepard's Pie (even more delish) and some sort of hot chocolate pudding (best of all!). Oh it was so good. All throughout this lunch, by the way, we were being questioned and examined by the most adorable little british child named Keira. She asked us questions in her adorable accented voice, tried on our jewelry, took pictures with my camera and, and I quote, "may I see your handbag please?" It was pretty much the highlight of the day :) We then wandered around some more, found a pretty church and proceeded to take pictures while a service was going on inside, walked reverently around the cemetary, watched a man play with his very excitable dog, and walked the plank, quite literally! except we landed on a tiny pier, not in the arms of Peter Pan...too bad though, I'd love to meet him!

The day before our riverside adventure, a large group of us went to Colchester, the town on the opposite side of Uni. It is the oldest village in England and it was so weird to she shoppes like Build a Bear and TopShop on this ancient cobblestone street. OH! and they had a TKMax. That's right, tKmax! Photo op. Colchester was lovely and I'm for sure going back soon :)

So, onto the title of this blog (it's a long one today). Today I ran into one of my friendly british aquaintances. We
chatted and he proceeded to tell me that I looked radiant. RADIANT! Now, if I was in the states, I would say that this was a HUGE come on, but here, I just don't know. People go around saying quinessential nice things like that all the time and I didn't know how to make heads or tails of it. But it did boost my ego, so, Cheers Lee! Ok, London adventures will be next, bye bye bye bye bye!!


Allison said...

Can I just say, I love that you spell everything British-ly? It makes me muy feliz :)

Katie said...

It sounds like you're having so much fun!! :) How are your classes going?

I really need to update my blog. Hm. Haha!