Saturday, March 7, 2009

Barcelona for the Weekend

So, I'm writing this blog in addition to trying to finish my essay by tomorrow. Woot! Anyway, thought I'd finally make a post about Barcelona, now that Jenika has already done two...
So, our first day was uneventful because we just got on a plane in the morning and made it to our flat at around 7 ish. Then we went and ate at some traditional Spanish restaurant where I tried sangria and proceeded to hate it, a lot. Then we went back to the flat and while everyone else went out to a crazy shot bar (it was crazy, I saw the pictures!!) Jen and I went to sleep so we could get up relatively early and go exploring. We didn't get up as early as we'd planned because I forgot to change the time on my watch, but we still had fun exploring. We saw the living statues getting ready for the day, the amazing market with silver candy and the best oranges I've ever tasted, the port with a giant Christopher Columbus obelisk of sorts, and a hot air balloon about to take off. It was a fun first half of the day. On our way back to the flat, we made an impromptu stop for chocolate churros(curly churros with a sligtly crusty shell on which you poured pure sugar and then dipped in mugs of melted chocolate). After eating those we, yes, drank the rest of the chocolate. This was not hot chocolate, it was pure melted chocolate, oh yeah. Then we went back to the flat and...I'm gonna stop it there until next post.

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