Monday, March 9, 2009

Barcelona Part Deux

So, when we got back to the apartment after a fun morning, we met up with two mexicans, Carlos and Mauricio, and a Brit/Kenyan, Caroline, and went exploring. Mauri took us around the metro, because we definitely didn't get it, and we went to Park Guell, designed by Gaudi. Lemme tell ya, Barcelona LOVES Gaudi. His architecture is everywhere! But Park Guell had to have been my favourite.

Isn't it beautiful!? Anyway, after that fun adventure, we had another fun adventure: Jenika was pick-pocketed. She got her wallet back, sans about 60 dollars, but it still had all her cards and things, so that was good. We were so relieved that we immediately went home and celebrated with amazing kebabs, that's kebabs, not kabobs, so no stick involved. It actually tasted a lot like what I get when I go to Chipotle's. Later, much later, in the evening we journeyed to a club, we got there at 2am, cause we'd heard that clubs started later there, and no one was there yet! We left and came back around 3am, and that's apparently when the party started. The music was alright, but the clubs at Uni are better. When we left at 4am, there was still a line all the way around the building to get in. Sunday was a fun day in which we succeded in getting lost several times, much like Saturday afternoon, but still had fun. We went up to Montjeuc and the Castle, which was a killer climb of a gigantic hill and about 1,5oo steps. We took a break in between the two at a lovely area with fountains and flowers galore.

Once we got to the top, we explored the castle a bit. It was relatively small, but it had really nice gardens with about 6 cats playing around in them.
I named him el tigre. He was very affectionate. After that we went down the mountain again in the funicuolare (like an enclosed ski lift) and saw so many pretty views from high up. Following the very exciting funicuolare ride, we hopped on a metro to the sea. It was so nice there! I loved it. I don't have very many good pictures of it though, so I won't be putting one up. It was freezing, but I played in it anyway. Then we went to a restaurant on the coast, it was a Spanish buffet and it had great food finished off with icecream. MMM! Then we went back to the flat and socialized with our flatmates for the rest of the night, and in the morning we hopped on a plane and were back at Uni by 130. How exciting!
This was our group for Saturday and some of them for Sunday

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