Monday, March 9, 2009

Scheduling Surveys

So after not much deliberation, but multiple groans and sighs, I have my schedule for fall term worked out and here it is:

PR 371 Public Relations Case Studies and Research
Tues and Thurs 2:20-3:35
PHO 181 Communication Photography
Tuesday 4:00-6:30
PHO 285 Intermediate Photography
Tues and Thurs 9:35-10:50
PSY 101H Introduction to Psychology Honors
Mon and Wed 2:00-3:15
MUP 362 Women's Chorale
MonWedFri 10:20-11:10
MER 131 Merchandising Fundamentals
Tues and Thurs 8:00-9:15

And that's my new schedule for fall term. It's not gonna be great fun, but it won't be bad. The only blemish on my plan is that I have an 8am class in the Communication Building on North Campus, and I live in Pine Ridge, the far end of South Campus about a 20 minute walk away. Bleck.

And now for something fun, just to copy Lauren:
person (famous) = Zooey Deschanel
person (familiar) = Mom and Dad, can't choose
gift to receive = Handmade (but nice)
item of clothing = My black dress from the Basement
.poem = "Captain and crew, captain and crew, take me, oh take me, anywhere new" exerpt from Needles and Pins by Shel Silverstein
deity = Christian God
vehicle = Specific kind of Jeep
designer = Jovovich-Hawk
season = Spring
contemporary movie = The Women
80s band = Bon Jovi
song = "You really got a hold on me" She and Him
Movie Quote = "Leeloo Dallas, Multipass"
"Philosophical" Quote = "My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can." Cary Grant
Book Quote = "These shoes had a mind of their own. They kept clunking into each other, making me trip, and I had to stare down at them and order them to pint in the right direction. I felt as if I were trying to keep two little kids from squabbling with each other." Bloomability by Sharon Creech
Social Networking Site = Facebook
Blogging Site = Blogger/Blogspot by Google
Online Game Site =
Weird Online Thing =
Music Site =
News Site = BBC World News
Electric Device = Bedside Clock
Electronic Device = iPod
Winter Item = Scarves
Summer Item = Sunglasses
Fall Item = Cardigans
Spring Item = Flouncy Skirts
Office Supply = Pencils
Toothpaste = Crest Whitening with Mint
Chain Restaurant = CoCo's
Non-Chain Restaurant = Collin's Pub in Flagstaff
Pizza Place = Rays Pizza in NYC
Ice Cream = Chocolate mixed with Oreos
Chinese Dish = Sweet and Sour Pork
Indian Dish = Chicken Tikka Masala
French Dish = Chicken Cordon Bleu
After-Dinner Mint = Andes Chocolates
Spice = Nutmeg
Herb = Thyme
Marine Animal = Sea Otter
TV Show: The IT Crowd

The end! Do the survey thing if you wish, it's fun, just delete the one's you don't have an answer to :D

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