Thursday, February 4, 2010

Epic. Fail.

So, there goes the 2-3 times a week thing...its just that not that many exciting things happen to me now that I'm back in my normal university with my old friends(who are rather lovely, but not really new and exciting). I've pretty much been doing basic college student stuff. You know what I mean, working on my homework, attending an obscene amount of classes, going to a few parties, hanging out with my friends, the occasional creative flurry of activity (I have recently taken to knitting, as well as trying to write a bit, and thinking about borrowing one of my dad's canvases during the summer and having him teach me how to paint, and my mum is going to teach me how to cook decent food instead of pasta and microwavable goods all the time), exercising quite a bit, and, of course, the college arts of napping and procrastinating. Like I said, it's been pretty basic. I love college, but it isn't as exciting as it seems to be from a high school point of view.
I want to go travelling again. I miss the adventure of not really knowing where you're gonna be until days before you leave. I miss the new cultures and foods to be experienced. I miss all the historical icons that you can see. I am going somewhere soon, hopefully. Most of my friends are doing something exciting for Spring Break (like going on a 21 and older cruise) so I am currently trying to convince my parents (hint hint) that we could maybe drive to San Diego and visit old friends, if its okay with them of course, and see the beach and maybe go to Disneyland or SeaWorld or something. And then there's Vegas! Oh I'm so excited. My good friend Jen and I are planning an excursion into the lights and glamour of Las Vegas in June. It will be a belated 21st bday celebration for me, and a 22nd bday celebration for her. We have people from all over (possibly) flying in. Our friends from back east and our friends from England and Germany and Mexico are hopefully coming to visit us in AZ and journey to the land of clinking coins and drinking glasses. WOOHOO!! I'm so beyond thrilled to see them again, it's been too long.
Anyway, some how I feel like its time for a change. I'm working on my body(exercising 3--4 times a week with a buddy), and think I might dye my hair a darker shade of brown. It's also getting pretty long, compared to what it was this time last year anyway. And I'm going to pursue some more creative outlets, as mentioned earlier. Maybe it will help me in my Publication Design class, and my Advertising class. I wish I could draw, but since I can't, perhaps I can paint, like Bob Ross! :) I'm also gonna give writing a story another chance. I think I'll start with a short story (any advice Lauren?) and then move on to trying to write a novel, and I think I'll stick with the genre I like best, which is young adult. And knitting, but that's more of something to do with my hands whilst I watch the television. Sometimes you just crave a bit of change, you know? The human desire to shake things up when you can't just pick up and leave to go somewhere exciting? I get that urge sometimes anyway, maybe you do too.
Well, I think that's enough gabbing for now. Actually, it has to be enough, cause I gotta get to class!! Off I go, running down the hall...

Awesome: what a cheerful mood writing this blog post put me in

Awful: that I'm a copy cat (stole this Awesome/Awful idea from Hayleylujah Chorus but it's just so darn much fun that I have only a bit of remorse for stealing it...)

Love you Bye!!

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