Thursday, April 8, 2010

Edinburgh and Back Injuries

So, BAMF is going rather well, now that it's not BEDA anymore :) So, not to complain or anything, but today has been a mildly bad day. Started off with me not knowing that I had a quiz in French this morning. Its a good thing that I love french and am not too bad at it, otherwise I would have failed. As it is, I probably only got a C or B. Boo. Then, sometime during the quiz class I managed to hurt my back and now I can't move the left side of my back or neck without shooting pain! On the awesome side of today, my back is hurting less with time (or perhaps I'm getting used to it), My good friend JP has offered to make me dinner and massage my shoulder whilst we watch the Princess and the Frog, the weather outside today is absolutely 100% gorgeous which is nice because today is barefoot day and me, along with several other students that I've seen around campus, are walking around barefoot in the grass and on the toasty sidewalks. Overall, despite the wretched start to the day, it has turned out to be quite marvelous. Everyone has a sunny and bright demeanor today, even the doctor I saw at the school's health clinic was nice and making jokes and smiling :)

Anyway, I did want to babble about deep things today. There are a select few blogs that I follow written by writers, and it seems that no matter what they talk about, from the most mundane things to intense philosophical queries, they talk about it eloquently and make it seem like a story and the most exciting thing to read ever! They remind me of one of my favourite book series, of which I just finished the most recent one this morning, called the 44 Scotland Street series. It's unlike any other series that I've ever read. It's about the daily goings on of the residents of 44 Scotland Street and their various friends, but it's more than that because its just a mundane life that they all lead, and there are no plot devices. For example, if the author mentions something that might seem like a plot device that will come back later in the book, it might (and it might be a key plot point) or it might be inconsequential and never come back again, but trick readers into remembering it and thinking that its critically important. Also, while these interesting characters are living their mundane lives in Edinburgh, they have very deep philosophical musings on life, the universe, and everything! It's just fantastic that these books and this author take you for a loop and keep you musing and guessing throughout the whole of the book, which has many truly existing people in it, and many real places in it (I know, I've seen the people and been in the places!) That's what these people's blogs remind me of: philosophical musings on daily life occurrences. And that's what I aspire to, to be able to question things in life that shock me, things that confuse me, things that amuse me, and things that I love or things that love me ;)

Anywhoo, I think that perhaps I should start paying attention to what my teacher is saying, cause I may need to use this in my later publication designs.

Sexy: writers who muse philosophic, also, scottish folk
Unsexy: Back injuries
Nail Colour: NONE! omg, lately, this is a shocker, probably paint them over the weekend.

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sarah g said...

Maddie. I agree, whenever I read a blog by a writer I'm like "THAT. I WANT TO SOUND LIKE THAT."

and i'm sorry you have a back injury instead of hot scots :)