Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jesus Christ, SUPERSTAR!!

So, this past weekend was insanity personified. Okay, so first, friday. After getting done with classes, I drove down to Phoenix with my 3 friends who were going to the Muse Concert. Before you get too excited, I did not go to the concert with them (although I heard that it was amazing). Instead my mom surprised me with tickets to Jesus Christ Superstar! Starring Ted Neeley!! Now, you probably have no idea who that is, but because I'm a musical fanatic I know that he is the original star of the 1970's movie version of the show. Back then (and I rewatched the movie after I saw the show, to compare) he was young, maybe 25, and innocent looking in his portrayal of Jesus. In the stage show, he was much older, around 65, and slightly more creepy looking when looking through the binoculars. Anyway, despite his appearance, he was amazing. His voice was phenomenal, with a bit of a hard rock edge to it, and then he went and did his signature note, which is so high it sounds unearthly and no human male should be able to hit it and then hold it for so long, so loudly. It was sort of like a musical scream. Epic. I recommend that you go rent JC Superstar and watch it to find out what I'm talking about. Besides Ted Neeley, the rest of the cast was wonderfully talented. I am officially in love with the guy who played Judas, John Twiford
and the rest of the cast was pretty good too. Anyway, after the show we went to the back door so that I could gawk/get a pic/get an autograph with ted neeley. We waited for over an hour, talking with some cute kids and their dad who are big fans of the show, and speculating about this ridiculous lady near us talking about how she's friends with Ted and he wants to meet her mom or something (btw, she was totally making this up, her facts were from the program and his earlier radio interview). My mom and I had heard how nice he was and how he loved coming to the back door and talking with fans, so we were wondering what was taking so long. (We did get to meet Judas though, hot!!) Anyway, soon, after strange-woman tried to sneak in the door, a stage hand announced that Ted would not be coming out tonight. I blame the strange-woman, and so do all the people who were around us, because we think that she was a legit stalker. She ruined it for me, and because Ted is older now, he will probably not do anymore national tours, so I will never have the chance to meet him again (I had to go back to Flag the next morning for a Luau and surprise party of awesomeness.) Stupid strange-woman. I hate her, literally hate her. I've loved Ted Neeley since I saw the movie, but never ever thought I'd have the chance to meet him, and then I did and it was so close, and then snatched away. Grrr. I wrote him an email anyway, and if he's as nice as he seems, maybe I'll get an autograph in the mail.

On saturday Jenika and I went to a Luau thing with all kinds of fun dancing from Maori version of jumprope to oiled up men grunting in an angry manner and stomping to a modern hula. We went because I have a friend who was one of the dancers, she was great btw, and it was really worth it. We also met this nice engineering major girl at our table and got tons of food, the salsa thing was especially magnificent. After that we booked it to McKay for a surprise bday party for our lovely Jaime and it was super fun! There was balloons, Mario Battle thing(supersmashbros?) and cake. Then on sunday I went to JP's house and we watched a movie called I hate valentines day with Nia Vardalos, who is lovely and from My big fat greek wedding. It was supa-cute! You should go rent that too, after JC SUPERSTAR of course. So yeah, Intense Weekend=check

I'm gonna go hum Jonathan Coulton and JC Superstar songs whilst taking notes in class, before jetting back to my flat to finish my essay due at 230. Yeah. BYEBYEBYEBYEBYE!!

Sexy-John Twiford and men who can sing
Unsexy-psycho stalkers who ruin lives(that might be a BIT melodramatic...)
Nail Colour-NONE, I'm such a slacker...

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