Saturday, April 3, 2010

So, yeah, BAMF

So that idea epic failed...but now I'm taking after Kristina Horner and doing the Blog in April More Frequently, AKA BAMF( I know I know). Anyway, yesterday was fun. And by fun I mean, mostly not fun until I got out of my speech class. I really didn't want to take this class, but it's required for my major and also, probably a good idea for a class in general. But still. SO, yesterday I had to give a speech, and I ended up giving it on why embryonic stem cell research should be federally funded in the US. It was 9 minutes long. It had a powerpoint. It was epic. I did however, somehow keep forgetting that I had notes in my hand, looking at the powerpoint for what to say next, and then getting mildly lost, but I think I hid it decently well. B material I hope.

In other news, I came home yesterday for Easter. My parents and I went to a church service then came home, ordered pizza and watched the newest episode of Bones, which was nice, if a bit sad at first(and by a bit sad I mean I-was-yelling-at-the-tv-I-was-so-upset), but then got very happy at the end. Today, even though its already 320(because my dad and I wasted the morning watching movies and tv...) my mom and I are thinking about going shopping. She wants to get me some sort of easter dress, and I need to get my watch band fixed. Currently it has 3 pieces of tape on it and is just falling apart in general, but I love the watch so much that I can't bear to get rid of it. It's a cool watch okay, it tells the time by saying 10 past 5 or 15 till 12 or half past 9. Yeah, it confuses people, which MIGHT be a factor in why I like it so much...

Okay, well, I'll see you all see, as I'm trying to BAMF (hehehe)

Current nail colour: Night Flight Sally Hansen

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