Monday, April 19, 2010

Rainbows and Bread-and-Butter-flies

So, this afternoon is a pretty good afternoon. The day started out a little rough, what with class schedule mixups that force me to switch around my schedule epically, and getting up early to study. But then, it got much better. After ranting about various issues (friends and stupid computer glitches mainly) to my folks, I felt a bit better, as well as worse, which is a paradox that I will never understand. Then I went to Target and got a card for a dear person, and some milk, and a schmancy new water bottle (its orange!) which made me feel better, as did the walking. Then it was exercism time with Jenika! 30 minutes of the stair climber thing, 10 ubersit-ups, 15 regular sit-ups, 10 pushups, and much stretching later I started to feel the happiness high of endorphins. I then went home, listened to some awesome indie rock/musicals, took a very quick, yet all together lovely 5 minute shower, and got all ballet'd up (I was just feeling like a ballerina this afternoon I guess, high ponytail, high waisted flowy skirt and ballet top, plus orange converse just to be mildly different) to go to my last class, which got out 2 hours early! All in all, I'm in a very happy mood right now! Perhaps not quite a "rainbows and bread-and-butter-flies* mood, but definitely a "flowers-in-a-field" and "whimsy-in-the-air" mood. I hope that your afternoon is as fabulous as mine is turning out to be and that this blog post made you smile a little (even if it was just a description of my day). I'm off to go frolic in the grass, or possibly write my speech due wednesday. Dovisdanae!

*Alice in Wonderland reference, coupled in literature with Rocking-horse-flies.

Sexy: Daisy Chains in Perfect Weather
Unsexy: The sunburn that I hopefully won't get today

Still no nail polish, sorry.

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