Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poem Wednesday

New seasons start bringing new hope and light
Challenges and newness can be frightening
Never knowing what to expect, what's lurking
Around the corner, who knows what's awaiting?
Something beautiful could be there
Something fun, something startling

Taking the leap into the unknown is scary
Your heart is on the line, glowing in the dark
A beacon, but for what?
Nervous glances, wondering in the dark
The dark of uncertainty and newness
But everything, even the dark, can be beautiful

So in the new season, stars pinprick in the sky
Hearts, ready for love, and hope, and joy
Wind rushes through your hair
Bringing a breeze of new life to you
Ready to jump?


Lauren Elizabeth said...

You need to write more. It's something I'm coming to realize after four years of knowing you. You are a fantastic writer.

PS. Did you know we just passed the fourth anniversary of our meeting? That's right, we are officially embarking on our fifth year of this here ever growing friendship.

Madeline said...

Thanks! This totally made my day, and my day yesterday as well! You're a fantastic writer too!