Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beda 14

So I caved, I looked at which number I'd be on now. Also, I had a really good idea for a blog post while I was copying the pictures into the last one, and I forgot :( So, until I remember, have a list of stuff on my desk

1. Candles for ambience
2. Computer and accoutrements, duh
3.Reeses easter cups, because everyone needs a little candy in their life
4. A dying bamboo plant :(
5. A zebra shaped computer screen cleaner, he's so cute!
6. A book about the do's and don'ts of traveling the world
7. A tardis for my usb's
8. 5 cds to put into my computer; delovely, billy holiday, once, good charlotte, selena gomez
9. The girl who played with fire by steig larsson
10. and eeyore mug filled with pens, including my peacock mock feather pen and a pair of scissors.
11. A mini set of drawers for all my office needs
12. a ball of yarn and an unfinished blue scarf :)
13. The ever-present hat that keeps wandering around my room
14. Last but not least, a notebook, who is open to a page on wedding theme ideas!

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