Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beda 6

So, I'm about to hop in the tub for a quick shower, but I remembered at the last minute that I need to do this before I go to bed! I know I promised a funny one today, but I just can't seem to get the ol' funny bone a workin'. So, instead, I will inform you that today is my one month long foray into copycat-ism. Namely, I am full-on copying my friend and trying to go vegetarian+fish for a month and see how it goes. Tonight I had a ready made pizza with goat cheese, spinach, and tiny tomatoes. It was delicious and I got to share it with my roommates! I also bought a bunch of meat-free food to last me until I graduate :) I'll update each blog at the end with what I ate that day. Yay! Hopefully this will help me to be healthier (not as much red meat, fish for protein) and to lose weight as well! Wish me luck!

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