Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beda 16

I know I said I'd do another wedding post, but I haven't done it yet...But, I did remember that one blog post I was gonna do earlier! Okay, the list is TV shows that I've started but haven't finished yet!

Skins-good, but must only finish the season, cause then all the characters changed
Misfits-little crazy and scary at times, but I love it and need to start it again
Merlin-LOVE IT, really need to start it again
Secret Diary of a Call Girl-my guilty pleasure show, purely for fun
Primeval-SPOILER ALERT!! Too many characters died for me to TRULY care anymore
Monarch of the Glen- SPOILER ALERT!One of my faves died and I haven't got over it yet
Battlestar Galactica-starts out slow, need to get into it
Nevermind the Buzzcocks-SO FUNNY!!
QI-again, SO FUNNY!!
21 Jumpstreet- Cheesy, but adorable! Plus Johnny Depp in all his teenage glory
Big Bang Theory- Good for a laugh
Heroes- Stupid, stopped watching after Season 1 and so should you
Farscape-I quite liked this, but then I sorta forgot about it...

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Lauren Elizabeth said...

WATCH FARSCAPE! I think they finally put the whole thing on Netflix Instant.

And get back to Misfits already!

You always stop watching RIGHT BEFORE they get to the really really good stuff. Stop that this instant young lady!

Also, how much did you love Johnny Depp playing the sax in the pilot? It was hilarious!