Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ooh, it's my fiftieth blog post!

So this is my second blog of the day, due to my epic fail of yesterday. I was just musing about something. Last night I went to an opera at my school called l'elisir d'amore, the elixer of love. The singing was magical and the actors made all the right faces at all the right times, and there was even a funny kissing scene, but I was iffy about the 'love' part of the story. It got me thinking, what about love at first sight, or love blossoming when the object of desire becomes unavailible? A lot of stories, especially those written in the 1700's and before, deal with this, but does it actually exist? Can we fall in love with someone right away, when you don't even know the little quirks that make them who they are? My belief is NO. I believe you can fall in LUST at first sight, and I have ;) but not love. What do you think?


Lauren Elizabeth said...

"Lust" has such as strong sexual connotation. I've meet people that I've immediately felt something for, but not lust. It's more like falling in "intrigue" or basically just falling in "like" at first sight. I can see someone across the room and go, ooo, I like him. Sometimes it has lust attached, but always. Sometimes its more a subconscious recognition of a compatible presence in proximity, a magnetic draw that turns your head and makes you curious about who that person is and what they are doing with their life, what they believe and how they feel, etc. I do believe, however, that without lust, the relationship can only segue into friendship. Attraction is a base instinct that must find its footing quickly, otherwise, it is in our nature to reject, and although attraction can develop down the line, that point rarely arises seeing as rejection is usually very swift and unrelenting.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

*Sometimes it has lust attached, but NOT always.* is what I meant to say.

Anonymous said...

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