Monday, April 11, 2011

Beda 8

So, I'm just a BEDA fail, I'm so sorry!
I'll do two today, maybe 3 and 2 or 3 tomorrow.
Hey, so there's this new tv show coming out in June or July that actually looks good, despite the fact that it's on ABC family. It's called 'switched at birth' and it's about two families whose children were accidentally switched at birth, and leah thompson is then shocked to find out that her biological daughter is deaf. She seems to treat her like a cripple, because she's trying to help, but doesn't know the first thing about deaf teenagers. She's doing this while her own daughter gets more and more alienated by both her mom and the new strange addition to her family. It also looks like there's some funny bits, but drama too! After Pretty Little Liars, Wildfire, Secret Life of an American Teenager, and Make It or Break It I'm rather excited!

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