Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beda 15

Almost caught up yo!

So, my friend (actually, many of my friends...) just became engaged. What is it about spring? I can count 5 couples who've gotten engaged in the last month (CONGRATS!!) 3 couples who are engaged, but not married yet (June, Oct, Nov), and 3 couples who got married within the last six months (YAY!!). Is it the age that we've all reached that is causing all these people to get married? Or is is just spring makes us feel even more romantic than normal? Or is it this year where people are just getting married all over the place? Idk, do you?

Anywhoo, in my last post I mentioned that I was looking at wedding themes. Now, I am a bridesmaid for a wedding in June, but my bride and friend is a very independent person who knows exactly what she wants (high five!) This does, however, mean I have very little input in what is going on in the wedding, which I don't mind, but would be happy to help if asked. I did get to pick out my dress though, its gorgeous! So, this new close friend that got engaged last weekend, I have a vague hope that I will get to be in the bridal party. Even if I'm not, I would still really love to help plan, cause I like planning events, especially weddings, I just haven't gathered the courage to ask her yet. If she's reading this, which I doubt but you never know, then I don't even have to ask! haha. Anyway, all these weddings, especially hers, have got me in the wedding planning mood! Two days ago I looked up a bunch of themes, and came up with these possible winners based on her personality:
Black and White-not my fave, but cool nonetheless.
Fairytale-again, not TOO much her style, but we could have fun with this.
Garden-my favourite for her, its relaxed, filled with nature, beautiful, fairylights, etc...
Rose-could be beautiful with all different kinds of roses, real, pictures, silk, you name it!
Peacock-she likes blue and it could be eye-catching for sure!
Vintage Travel-she likes to travel, and the color palette, like an old suitcase with stickers, is relaxed like her
Casual Elegance-another favourite of mine, with colors of either royal blue and lavender, or light blue and royal purple.

Then I came across this theme, which is so exciting and fun for me! I'd always thought that I'd want a garden themed wedding, maybe even "Secret Garden" themed, but this blew my mind, and there's so many variations that I can absolutely make it my own. Alice and WOnderland! Of course, being a Mad Hatter myself, I'd focus on that aspect. No queen of hearts red or croquet for me! Okay, next post I'll fill you in on all the things you can do for a wedding theme like this, and I encourage you to type it into google anyway! Super fun! Now I just need to find a do you do that again?

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